Technical Inspection of Work (TIO)

On behalf of our client, we act as supervisors of the work in execution in front of the shipyard, workshop or service company. The purpose of this service is to ensure the success of the work and the faithful fulfilment of the construction contract, which means that the work is carried out equal to or better than what is indicated in the technical specifications, according to the price and payment conditions stipulated and in accordance with the deadlines and delivery place agreed.

The service consists of weekly, fortnightly or monthly site inspections (as appropriate in each case), which are recorded in a work book (legal document that remains on site); based on this document, with diagrams and explanatory photographs, the TIO prepares a technical report to the shipyard or workshop and a copy to the client, where deviations are identified in terms of quality, time and cost of the work, uploading these reports to the portal www. and, through a personal account, each client is informed online of the evolution of the work, so that they can take the appropriate measures for the success of the project. The service also includes the issuance of a final construction report, which includes all inspections, certificates, documents, plans and final comments of the ITO, in terms of compliance with quality, deadline and budget of the work.

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