Naval Industry

In 1984, Lautaro Guerra began as R & D assistant for the new regular lines of the Transediterránea Shipping Company in (Madrid, Spain) which Works with Ferry ships in the Mediterranean and Atlantic. Between 1985 and 1992 Lautaro worked as a boss in the Tecnical apartment in the Chilean Shipping “Transmarchilay Ltda” which worked 8 Ferry ships which connect via sea the X and the XI región of Chile. In 1993 He assumes the Shipmanagement office manager into the same Company where he specializes himself in the tecnical administration of the fleet (maintenance and repair, fairings docks, marine insurance, etc.).


In 1995, Lautaro Guerra Began his carreer in the salmon area, leadering the salmon operations projects department in Eicosal Ltda. In 2002 Eicosal Ltda. is aquired by the multinational Stolt Sea Farm Company, where Lautaro had to resolve the operation of 13 cultive centers of sea water and also administrate the projects for the opening of 9 centers in fishing fattening in áreas from Chiloé and Hornopiren. Therefore, he majored in the operation and administration of new projects in sea water, such as designing and construction of pontoons and floating houses, feeding automatic systems for fishes, rafts and circular metal cages, anchoring floating cages for exposed centers, feed cans and software for the maintenance and repair of farms control. Between 2005 and 2006 Lautaro headed the Engineering and projects department from Marine Harvest Chile (Company which had been recently merged with Stolt Sea farm), where led the administration of different sweet water, sea water and processing plants projects, highlighting projects related with cages and moorings. Everything already mentioned, Positionate Lautaro as a nacional expert in naval engineering areas applied to salmon farming.